According to a new study, harmful social networking by kids was admitted to by half the participants. 37% said their parents monitor online activity.

Harmful Social Networking By KidsThe harmful activities reported by the middle school and high school participants included bullying, sexting, and stalking.

“It begins with the constant texting or the stalking on Facebook. ‘Where are you?’ and ‘Who are you with?’ ” said researcher Poco Kernsmith, an associate professor of social work at Wayne State University.

“It becomes ‘I don’t want you to hang out with your friends,’ and ‘I don’t like the way you dress.’ It becomes controlling and isolating.”

Social media misuse was higher in wealthier districts. This is likely because of increased access to cell phones and computers. 54% of students in low risk schools had participated in some sort of online abuse, while only 46% of students in high crime areas had done so.

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Harmful Social Networking By Kids