After working on math problems, students are ready for kite flying fun and learning. The kites swooped, soared, and flew as if with wings.

Kite Flying Fun and LearningStudents designed patterns on paper, and cut  and taped the colorful kites together.

Their instructor warned them not to be disappointed if the kite did not fly the first time.  Teacher Stephanie Tanner cautioned them “Don’t be upset if your kite doesn’t fly at all.”

However, the colorful handmade kites took flight at the Dorr Elementary School playground.

“It’s flying! It’s really flying!” said 11-year-old Rosemary Luong, one of several fifth-grade students in Mrs. Tanner’s class.  The students learned about kites, how to build them, and use spars, streamers, keel, bridle, and vent.

Flying kites is fun, but there is learning involved as well.  The lessons in kite making and kite flying involve history, geometry, and reading and math.  Problem solving skills were in high gear as students wanted to get those kites aloft.

The class in kite making is part of a Learning Enrichment and Acceleration Program (LEAP), serving gifted students.

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Kite Flying Fun and Learning