It was a chilly, rainy day when a mini boat launched by Delaware children washed up in Ireland.  Sean Creaven and his dog Daisy were walking on the shores of Strandhill Beach in County Sligo when they saw the little white boat with damaged sail.

Mini Boat Launched By Delaware Children Washed Up in Ireland

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The four foot wooden boat was otherwise ok, and the American and Delaware flags were still visible, along with its insignia – the Mighty Spartan.

The watertight compartment housed a t-shirt, a thumb drive, and a letter from students at Lake Forest Central Elementary School in Felton, Delaware.

Creaven sent an email to teacher Pamela Hobbs, and the word spread fast about the successful voyage.

“I was in my planning period, so I didn’t have students, but the news leaked pretty quickly,” Hobbs said. “All the students were so excited. They were saying ‘somebody found it! Somebody found it!’ “

The Mighty Spartan was launched in November, and the students have been tracking it with an onboard global positioning unit.  Built by a company in Maine, Educational Passages, the students decorated the boat and set up the compartment.  Then they asked the crew of a freighter to drop it in the Atlantic Ocean.

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