A new game called Mystery Skype helps students connect across distances and learn about people and places outside their communities.

Mystery Skype Helps Students Connect Across DistancesAt Vester Community Academy, fourth grade students love Skyping back and forth with other kids.  The game is to find out where the other students are.  Teacher Becky Sturdy sometimes has to remind them to quiet down, but she is clearly proud of their proficiency with the online game.

“The fact that now they can guess the state in four minutes is pretty good,” she said later. “That’s a record.”

In “Mystery Skype” two schools connect via Skype and students have to determine where the other school is located by asking questions.  The educational angle includes geography, cooperation, and communication.

The students have completed 11 sessions.  Sturdy admits that it was a bit challenging for her to begin the project.

“It was a little scary, because you’re completely putting learning in the hands of the kids — and I was not completely ready for that,” Sturdy said. “I just decided this year I would give it a try.”

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Mystery Skype Helps Students Connect Across Distances