High school students are racing ahead in math, as they participate in the Amazing Mathematics Race, inspired by the reality TV show “The Amazing Race”. The contest is sponsored by the math honor society Mu Alpha Theta to promote National Mathematics Awareness Month.

Racing Ahead in MathIn the television show, contestants race around the world while solving clues.  Each clue leads them to another clue, and brings them closer to the $1 million prize.

At Norton High School, students picked up their first clue in their math class.

Math problems are the clue, and the correct answer corresponds to a room number at the high school.  Students travel to that room to get the next clue. After reaching the end of the dozen clues, the get a message congratulating them.  The first 24 students to finish get a prize.

Approximately 100 students are working so far on the race, and only a select few have finished.

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Racing Ahead in Math