With cardboard, duct tape and spray paint, students are showing off design skills in the Cardboard Regatta.

Showing Off Design Skills In The Cardboard RegattaOlympia High School Students are building functional two passenger boats out of minimal materials.  And they are having a boatload of fun kicking off their school STEM Celebration in the school swimming pool.

25 Principles of Technology students worked all semester to make boats out of cardboard capable of holding two students who then completed a circle of the pool while lugging a metal anchor and plastic weight.

Working in small groups of three or four, they drew blueprints, and created a scale model of their boat. They then tested the model, and made improvements before the big event

“It’s not, ‘Here’s a book.’ This is a real-world application of engineering and design concepts,” said teacher Jarrod Rackauskas.


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Showing Off Design Skills In The Cardboard Regatta