A recent study in the Netherlands has found specialized playgrounds more attractive to kids than typical playgrounds. The specially designed playgrounds increased children’s activity levels as well as attracting more use.

Specialized Playgrounds More Attractive To KidsKrajicek playgrounds are designed and provided by the Richard Krajicek Foundation, which designs them to meet the needs of the kids most likely to use it, often in underpriveliged areas. For the study, 10 out of 99 Krajicek playgrounds were randomly selected as well as ten typically designed playgrounds.

The Krajicek playgrounds are supervised during busy times and coaches design activities for children.

“Providing playgrounds . . . that provide a motivating and socially safe play environment will increase physical activity and will have – little but relevant – impact on public health,” said lead author Evert Verhagen of VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam in an email to Reuters Health.

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Specialized Playgrounds More Attractive To Kids