In an opportunity for learning and career building, students build and repair computers, learning all about computer systems technology.  By working onsite with their hands, students grow skills to tackle detailed problems and take on work orders through the Information Technology (IT) department.

Students Build and Repair Computers At Lindsay High School, Assistant Principal Russell Ernst observed that the IT department was welcoming the help.

“Those guys in IT are happy to have the help. They are working side by side with the kids all the time,” Ernst said. “The learners are reimagining computers and doing a lot more of the time-consuming tasks that are considered more routine. It adds an extra 24 hands at their disposal.”

Students have all the resources they need in one room.  They have a work area and computer lab.  Their room is next to the recording room where students record daily announcements and other things.

The mixture of student learning with technology is becoming a popular trend in school districts nationally.  Not only do the students get to learn about making professional videos, programming, and the opportunity to build and repair computers, but the district saves money using an in house resource for IT.

“The kids are putting together some professional videos. It’s pretty cool to see the creativity of these kids. You just have to sit back and say ‘Wow!’” said Ernst.

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Students Build and Repair Computers