It’s a difficult task, but fourth year German students study German by translating old obituaries from an old time German newspaper into English. There are several approaches the Belleville High School seniors can take.

Students Study German By Translating Old ObituariesSome students translate the old dialect, known as Fraktur, into German and then translate the German text into English.

“We have to translate it and then rearrange it so it makes sense in English,” explained senior Colin Creedon, working with his partner, Daniel Jackson. .

The other approach to the task involves translating Fraktur into English directly.

“Once you know what the words say, it’s really easy,” said senior Peyton Kaercher, working on the translation with her partner Meghan Gingrich.

The assignment isn’t just for a grade.  Teacher Andrew Gaa has ensured that it serves a larger purpose, and helps families learn more about their ancestry.  Once the obituaries are translated and proofed, they are posted online by the St Clair County Genealogical Society.

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Students Study German By Translating Old Obituaries