A school district’s overhaul of math programs is being designed to have students succeed in math at their own pace.

The Delaware City School District wants to have math students reach their potential, and is evaluating ways to support students.  They are discovering that one size does not fit all.

Students Succeed in Math at Their Own PaceMath educators and administrators are meeting to discuss how to meet current math standards and provide ways for students to either exceed their current level or get help for struggling students.

According to Assistant Superintendent Brad Faust, students are expected to meet high standards, and the district leaders want to make sure that students can advance when they are ready.

“For example, algebra is taught in eighth grade, but we have a small percentage of students who are ready for algebra by seventh grade,” Faust said. “We want to identify the students who are excelling early on and put support in place for them so there aren’t any gaps in their learning.”

Since students learn at different rates, there need to be multiple opportunities for students to develop and grow, or get additional assistance.  Teachers are assessing students on an ongoing basis, and keeping track of how they learn.  They are ready to provide additional support if needed.

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Students Succeed in Math at Their Own Pace