When aspiring accountant Adrian Blaha, a high school senior entered the Reality Store with a checkbook and starting salary of nearly $50,ooo a year, she was intent upon learning a more realistic idea of how future decisions impact financial reality.  She says that she has not yet completely decided on getting an accounting degree, but her favorite subject is math.

The Reality Store“Right now I am undecided on where to go to college, so I’m looking at different options,” she said.

The first thing students discover at the Reality Store is how much Uncle Sam will take from their future salary.  From there, they visit The Bank to set up their student loan deduction and decide on savings.  This is before making decisions about purchases such as cars, homes, daycare, groceries, utilities, and insurance.  The exercise in real life math was sponsored by the Chamber of Manitowoc County’s Partners in Education Committee.

“It seems like a lot coming out of the bank account,” Blaha said. “You have one thing going in and a lot coming out.”

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