Surveys are confirming that high teacher stress at high poverty schools means that those districts have a difficult time recruiting and retaining high quality teachers.

High Teacher Stress at High Poverty SchoolsSome districts offer cash bonuses.  Or they hire teacher coaches for continuing staff development.  Some districts appeal to educators who want to make a difference.

But their own data shows their difficulties – staff turnover is high.  There are not enough computers.  Kids don’t follow rules and parents are less involved.

Potter Elementary School in east Tampa has its struggles with behavior and other issues.  “We have 32 new teachers on board,” said principal Krystal Carson,

In suburban schools in South Tampa, the happiness level is high, but the atmosphere in other schools is lacking, says this year’s Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning survey.

Teachers agree that it’s not the money, but the ongoing challenges of working at a school where students and parents have high needs to be met.  Even seasoned teachers often opt out for less stressful jobs in the suburbs. Schools fill those vacancies with teachers who are right out of college, or who are new to the district.

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High Teacher Stress at High Poverty Schools