Adding STEM classes to the elementary curriculum is a goal shared by many school districts. The Jenison Public Schools are no exception. Next year they will add a 50 minute weekly class that combines science, technology, engineering, and math for kindergarten through sixth grade.

Adding STEM Classes To The Elementary CurriculumAccording to Superintendent Tom TenBrink, the classes will feature real world problems, and encourage foundational literacy and technological skills.  The class is replacing the Tech-Lit class from the year before

“This will provide every student in kindergarten through sixth grade with multiple problem-based experiences and activities in their weekly schedule,” said TenBrink.  “STEM will provide our students the opportunity to be creative, work collaboratively, develop critical thinking skills, and build on their communication skills.

“There is a high demand for a skilled labor force in science, technology, engineering and math in our world today.”

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Adding STEM Classes To The Elementary Curriculum