New findings show that there is better sleep for kids with bedtime routines that are consistent.

Better Sleep For Kids With Bedtime RoutinesThe study included 10,085 mothers from 14 countries. Fewer  than 50 percent of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers were found to have a regular bedtime.

The study findings showed that there was a connection between consistent routines and earlier bedtime, increased sleep time, less sleepwalking, and a shorter time to fall asleep in bed.

Mothers perceived that regular bedtime routines decreased overall behavior problems.

According to the study’s lead author and principal investigator Jodi Mindell, Ph D, “Creating a bedtime routine for a child is a simple step that every family can do.  It can pay off to not only make bedtime easier, but also that a child is likely to sleep better throughout the entire night.” Dr. Mindell is a professor of psychology at Saint Joseph’s University and associate director of the Sleep Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Better Sleep For Kids With Bedtime Routines