Students who have career ready training available to them in high school enjoy an advantage that can continue for decades to come.

Career Ready Training in High SchoolAt Williamson High School in Mobile County Alabama, school officials boosted the new signature academy by unveiling training space and new equipment for the welding and culinary programs.

Williamson is the latest high school in a group of a dozen in the county to open an academy offering career ready training in certain fields. The Maritime, Engineering and Entrepreneurships academy gives inner city students important opportunities.

A state Century Workforce Act grant for $555000 facilitated the opening of a new welding trailer  and culinary arts kitchen stations, said Larry Mouton, Mobile County schools executive director of career and technical education. As many as 80 students will participate in the two programs.

Presently there are 10 students in the welding program and 20 in culinary arts. Another 50 students have enrolled for next year.

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Career Ready Training in High School