A group of seniors in a writing class has been bridging the gap with special ed students

Bridging the Gap With Special Ed StudentsOn the first floor of Winona Senior High School the special ed classroom was filled with students jumping and dancing to lively music. Bright balloons and streamers decorated the classroom.

The students were part of the pre-prom party. It was a dress rehearsal for the big night and all were enjoying it.

The event was planned by Judi Becker’s senior college writing students. The students came together as part of a partnership, building understanding and working on projects during the semester.

Becker’s class has been prepping the students for the big prom night. They have been journaling about the experience, writing about what they have learned and how their feelings have changed.

The partnership is part of a research based case study of the results of integrating mainstream students with special education students. The special ed students send most of their day in a self contained classroom, away from the rest of the student body.

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Bridging the Gap With Special Ed Students