Several years after changing the start of the school day to 9 am, delayed start time benefits for students are clear at high schools across the United States.

Delayed Start Time Benefits For Students

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In upstate New York, Glen Falls High School has seen an improvement in  student attendance and tardies. The incidence of late arrivals to school has been cut in half since the school start time was changed two years ago. Also, students were absent a total of  3000 fewer days each year, and passed 200 more courses.

According to Glen Falls High School Principal Mark Stratton, the decision was controversial at first, especially among the families of student athletes. But after several years, the change has overwhelming support.

“Even the biggest naysayers say ‘We’ve adapted to it. It’s a good thing’ ”.

Plans to change the school start time for intermediate center and high school students in South Bend Indiana are being met with similar controversy.  The hope is to cut tardiness rates by allowing students an extra hour of sleep.

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