A recent study has found that girls are more likely to receive delayed autism diagnosis for minor cases of autism.

Girls with Asperger’s Syndrome and were diagnosed months later than boys with the same disorders.

It appears that mild autism in girls looks like social awkwardness, and is not as resily apparant as then plysical sumptoms displayed by boys, according to Dr. Paul Lipkin, director of the Interactive Autism Network at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.

“The girls’ problems seemed greatest in terms of social interpretation, which is obviously much more subtle and less apparent,” Lipkin said. “Boys were worse than the girls in areas that involve repetitive behaviors or unusual mannerisms. The problems the boys were having were overt and more readily recognized.”

Since autism is found more often in boys than in girls, the question has been raised as to whether girls may be undiagnosed.

“We know there is this unbalanced ratio, with about four times as many boys being diagnosed as girls, and we don’t know why that is,” said Dr. Paul Wang, senior vice president of medical research at Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy organization.

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