A high school hosted consuls general from six nations as part of Global Connections Night, where students asked questions in their native languages and in English.

High School Hosted Consuls GeneralThe students in Pope High School’s Globalization Academy mingled with the visiting dignitaries prior to asking questions on a variety of topics.  According to Academy coordinator Jason Dasinger, the 18 freshmen in the first class each contributed to the event.

“All the questions asked (were) accumulated and constructed by our ninth-grade students and they (were able to) hear from countries such as Peru, Germany and Mexico about global issues and how they’re dealing with it, and they can contrast that with the same issues that we’re dealing with in America,” Dasinger said. “So, not only are the students learning about it, but they’re applying it.”

Some of the topic covered by the student questions were concerning the environment, fluctuating populations, immigration policies and the global economy.

The panelists were  Christoph Sander, consul general for Germany; Robert Weisblatt, intern to the consul general for Ireland; Yasukata Fukahori, deputy consul general for Japan; Victor Palaez, consul for political, economic and social affairs for Mexico; Miguel Aleman-Urteaga, consul general for Peru; and Lawrence Ashe Jr., honorary consul for Poland.

Students found that meeting and speaking with the consuls general was exciting and meaningful.

“We’ve been researching the countries and all the different problems that they have so we can tie it to our course,” said Globalization Academy student Franscesca Burke. “So it’s been really cool to see how real life situations can connect to what we’re studying.”

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High School Hosted Consuls General