A history teacher prepares students for tests In unique ways, and her classroom at times looks more like “game night” rather than preparation for Georgia Milestones testing.

History Teacher Prepares Students For Tests In Unique WaysIn Sherri Darden’s U.S. history class, students were playing “U.S. History Taboo” and answering questions on flashcards. In the hallway, a huge timeline was taped to the floor, and students matched events to it. Other students reviewed at computers at their desks. Everyone was smiling and laughing.

Darden has no doubt her students will successfully pass the End-of-Course standardized test.

“I just pay attention to the interests of my students, and that tells me what their learning styles are. Then you make sure your students have lessons that engage their interests. If you can do that, you can have a successful class no matter the school,” said Darden. “Also, forming a collective with other teachers is important. They can give you the skills and equipment for some really innovative lessons.”
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History Teacher Prepares Students For Tests In Unique Ways