Is life fair? Students at Bishop McHugh Regional school have decided that it is not.

Is Life Fair?The students have decided that while probability, luck, and chance all are important, life is what you make it.

Teacher Darla Morinelli explained about the project based learning program where students examined chance and figured how probability fits into everyday life.

“This is something we’ve been working on all year,” she said. “It’s a way for kids to learn about chance and probability.”

When students were deciding how they would talke these complex mathematical ideas, they asked the question “Is life fair?”

“The kids were talking about it, and a lot of them thought at that time, life wasn’t fair,” Morinelli said. While that opinion hasn’t changed much, the students added a codicil: life may not be fair, but fairness is one’s perception.

The students designed a series of mathematical board games to test their theories about the fairness of life.  The seventh graders wrote up rules and presented the games to fifth graders.  They did not explain, and it was up to the yuounger students to discover how to play the game.

“They designed the games and made the rules of the games,” Morinelli said. “This was a way for them to learn about probability.”

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Is Life Fair?