Because a group of  high school kids fix bikes to help others, children who cannot afford a bike are getting one.

Kids Fix Bikes To Help OthersAt Westbrook High School in Maine, student are learning practical skills of building and repairing bicycles along with math and physics as part of the WRENCH program. The bikes that they build and fix are then given to children who can’t afford one.

Helping children in need was the original purpose of the Westbrook Rehab Education ‘N’ Cycling Hub. The students started out fixing stolen bikes that had been recovered by the police department.

11 years later, students in Westbrook’s alternative learning program fix bikes for class credit in a portable classroom.  The bikes and tools are  donated by local shops.

“It’s a great crossroads for mainstream kids and alternative education kids to work under one roof,” said principal Jon Ross, who was the original teacher for the program when it started.

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Kids Fix Bikes To Help Others