Middle school students had the unique opportunity of learning history from a Holocaust survivor thanks to a video Skype conversation.

Learning History From a Holocaust Survivor

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Students at Vitonia Middle School in Arkansas conducted a study of the Holocaust.  During the course of their research, they discovered a website belonging to Holocaust survivor Magda Brown of Skokie Illinois.

“It was a lot more heartfelt than any of the research we had done,” said student Colin Ratliff.

More than 80 seventh grade  students in Linda Knopp’s literacy and pre-Advanced Placement literacy classes conducted two month of research about the Holocaust.  Knapp had taught about the Holocaust before, but this was the first time students spoke with a survivor.

Brown belongs to the Speaker’s Bureau of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. She grew up in Hungary, and she and her family and 80 other people were forced onto a box car and taken to Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp on June 11, 1944 – her 17th birthday.

“Did you have any family members that made it out of the Holocaust?” the children asked.

“Only my brother and 5 cousins,” Brown replied.

“What did they do to you and your family?”

“Upon arrival [at] Auschwitz they put them in the crematoriums and burned them alive.”

These answers helped the students fully understand the horrors of the Holocaust. Brown gave them information that was personal; and could not be found anywhere else.

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Learning History From a Holocaust Survivor

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