Learning science in the wild has provided some students with experiences that are a highlight of their day and memorable lessons.

Holding a crawfish for the first time was a definite highlight of Olivia Thomas’ field trip with her class to Muskellunge Creek.”It tickled, and it was so cute,” said Olivia.

Learning Science In The WildStudents at Fremont Middle School spent the day at Christy Farm Nature Preserve testing water samples, using a microscope to view tiny microorganisms, and planting a rain garden.

120 students attended the day long excursion. Fremont City Schools have been planning the trip since last summer to expand the science curriculum, reports Denice Hirt, director of curriculum, assessment and staff.

“These are all things we could have taught in the classroom,” Hirt said. “We’re adding the experience. I think it’s an opportunity for our kids to put their hands on the science standards we teach in the classroom.”

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Learning Science In The Wild