It might seem silly, but new research suggests that the brain may perform calculations better if you move to improve Math skills. There may be a preference for addition or subtraction based on walking left or right.

Move To Improve Math SkillsThe brain mechanism is called a “congruence effect”. This means the brain pairs related abstract concepts.

A team from the University of Bologna and the Italian National Research Council tested the relationship between walking direction and ability to perform addition or subtraction.

52 subjects were each given a number and told they woul later add to it or subtract from it. They were then instructed to begin walking, then turn left or right and perform the arithmetic.

Results showed that addition was better for those who turned right, and subtraction for those who turned left.

“Our finding complements and extends previous results revealing that the direction of body motions can influence not only number magnitude in a number generation task,” the researchers wrote, “but also the more complex process of calculations that leads to a numerical magnitude.”

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Move To Improve Math Skills