Two new schools with fitness focus and industrial design curriculum are planned for the city of Tacoma.

New Schools with Fitness Focus and Industrial DesignOne proposal is for a fitness focused secondary school, combining middle and high school with emphasis on fitness, nutrition, and health.  The second school is a high school that would have specialized programs in engineering, art, and industrial design.

The Tacoma School Board asked earlier this year for new ideas to add to innovative schools.  Both programs would be magnet schools serving the entire city.

According to former science and health teacher Christy Brandt, the Healthy, Nurturing, Training-Minds Academy isnt aboput building super athletes or elite sports teams. In fact, the school will not have sports teams, although students may join tems from other schools. Adaptive physical fitness will be taught for special education students. The school will have an extended day to include adcademic help and additional timefor fitness activities.   “It’s about teaching lifelong fitness,” Brandt said.

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New Schools with Fitness Focus and Industrial Design