An innovative high school teacher has found a way to get parents back to school with their kids for GED studies.

Parents Back In School With Their Kids For GEDRobin Clark has started a program with a simple premise and a life changing outcome. She allows parents of her students who do not have a high school diploma to join their children in her classroom and learn the required math for the high school equivalency exam.

For Clark, the arrangement is a win-win. Parents provide free adult supervision in class, and they receive an education.

Currently, Clark is seeking public donations to help parents pay for bus passes and babysitting so they can attend class. She teaches the same class material all day, and parents who work odd shifts can accommodate their schedules.

“We know how crucial it is when parents are able to be supportive of their students’ education,” said Manual High School Principal Hanno Becker. “I think this is one great tool in order for us as a school to try to reach that goal of enabling parents to get involved in their students’ education.”

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Parents Back In School With Their Kids For GED