An agreement between Clarke County public schools and the University of Georgia has fostered a partnership to train teachers and help students.

artnership To Train Teachers and Help StudentsSome college professors are teaching high school classes. Sonia Janis co teaches ninth grade government with Cedar Shoal High School teacher Jesse Evans.

Some professors are teaching classes to future public school teachers. For example, Early childhood education professor Janna Dresden teaches a class at J.J. Harris Elementary School. Students meet at the school for classes and also shadow more experienced teachers or assist in classrooms.

The effort is part of a “Professional Development School District”. The collaboration began in 2009 as a pilot program at J.J. Harris Elementary, and now includes 12 of the school district’s 21 schools.

Both teachers and administrators at the College of Education and Clarke schools say that the partnership is a good one for both the UGA students and the Clarke students.

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Partnership To Train Teachers and Help Students