The student built Viking House is for sale, and can be toured now.

Student Built Viking House is For Sale

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Forest Grove High School students built the 2145 square foot model home.  It features three bedrooms, two baths, a den, and a large walk in pantry.  Custom cabinets were created by students in Arnulfo Martinez’s woodworking class.  Martinez was a Viking House participant in 2000 and 2001.

The house will be open to the public for viewing and to bid if interested. The location is at 436 Forest Place, next to last year’s Viking house.

The house is listed for sale at $425,000.  Last year’s model sold for 375,000.

Students get a chance to obtain real world experience by building a house, from start to finish.  it is self funded with profits from the house sale. Students apply, are interviewed, and must be chosen to work on the project.

The Viking House Project gives high school students a chance to get real-world experience by building a house from the ground up. Sixteen students have worked with wood shop and carpentry teacher, Chris Higginbotham, on the house since the beginning of the school year. The program is self-funded with the profits from the sale of the houses.

Students must apply, be interviewed, and chosen to work on the project.

“It’s always a very tough decision,” carpentry teacher Chris Higginbotham said. “There are always more qualified applicants than positions. It’s taught in a real-world setting with real-world expectations, deadlines and budgets, just like any business, and we expect a lot out of them. The success of the program rests in their hands.”

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Student Built Viking House is For Sale

Click Here to Purchase