It’s hardly a glamorous assignment, but fifth grade students are finding information in the garbage, and digging up facts about what goes into local landfills.

Students Are Finding Information It might not be what most people would expect fifth graders to want to do after school, but two dozen junior investigators at Wesley Elementary School are enthusiastic about their recycling project.

A Connecticut Forest and Park Association grant funds the Project Learning Tree Green Schools which sponsors the program.

First the team focused on a composting project, and then gathered items to study decomposition.

School interventionist Lorrie Time manages the program. “The garbage sorting and making landfills was probably the greatest photo op of the year,” she says.

When students sorted cafeteria garbage, they looked for recyclables. Everything was counted, sorted, weighed and recorded. The children figured how much cafeteria waste is made everyday, and brainstormed solutions for reducing it. “I cannot believe how many recyclable material gets thrown away during one lunch wave,” student Samantha Crowley said.

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Students Are Finding Information