When a school superintendent shadows support staff, she learns much about what people do when they fill the various positions in schools. From driving buses, to cooking food and emptying trashcans, Superintendent Kathy Fields did them all over the course of a week.

Superintendent Shadows Support Staff“It’s really important to me as superintendent to be able to say that I understand fully the positions of my district,” said Fields.

Fields worked with teachers of the year last year, so that she could reconnect with life in the classroom. She continues to work with the teachers, but wanted to gain the perspective of support staff.

Fields visited various schools. At Rosenwald-Dunbar Elementary School, she worked with cafeteria staff, cooking and serving food to students.  She said she had not realized how tough a job it is to prepare meals meeting stringent guidelines.

“When kids come through the line, they’re smiling at them, they’re asking how they are,” Fields said. “Even though it’s a quick turn-around through the line, they took the time to do that.”

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Superintendent Shadows Support Staff