There’s a new outdoor classroom at Squantum Elementary school, and teachers and students are taking the learning outside.

Taking the Learning OutsideAlongside the raised garden beds, fifth-graders Sophie Mayo and Maria Geary listed the many uses of the outdoor learning space.

“We come outside to read our essays, and in math we came out to look for different shapes, like cylinders,” Maria, 11, explained.

“In science class we’re growing parsley and other herbs,” Sophie, 11, added. “It’s so nice to get outside after the winter. It gets hot in the classroom.”

The classroom was funded by Community Preservation Act money, which paid for the addition of raised garden beds, rain barrels, and stone seats.

According to principal Stephen Sylvia, the work was an “absolutely amazing transformation. The lessons are unbelievable,” he said. “This serves as a model for the other schools.”

“It’s up to you kids, your peers and classmates to make sure the garden is well maintained,” Mayor Thomas  Koch said to the students.

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Taking the Learning Outside