A leadership training program is finding video simulations help train new principals in struggling schools.

Video Simulations Help Train New PrincipalsSchool 18 in Paterson New Jersey became the film studio for several hours worth of video that is part of a $1.5 million leadership development program in Paterson Public Schools.

The videos are funded by a grant from the federal Department of Education and will show interactive simulations of issues that are encountered by school administrators every day.

Trainees will tell how they would handle a given situation, and then view how their responses play out on the video.

Dale Mann is the managing director of Interactive Inc., the firm producing the simulations for the training program.  “There are good answers, bad answers and some answers that are in the middle,” he said.

Mann says that Interactive Inc. uses simulations from training in school districts across the nation, but the scenarios are being customized for Paterson.

“Paterson is not that different from Oakland, California,” Mann said. “Paterson is not that different from many places around the country.”

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Video Simulations Help Train New Principals