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Clean Water Around the World

Helping people have access to clean water around the world was the focus of the WaterThon event held by second graders in Montclair, New Jersey. Students at the Bradford School have been learning for two years about the need for available clean water and the science...

Book on Hunger Illustrated by Students

Cutler students illustrate book on hunger Children at the Cutler School in Hamilton learned first-hand about hunger and poverty on Thursday, June 11, thanks to a new picture book their classmates helped create. Students of Gretchen Ahearn, a third grade teacher, and...

Kids Create a Walking Tour with Videos and QR Codes

A class project to have kids create a walking tour with videos and QR codes is a win-win for teachers and students. The fifth graders enjoyed time outside the classroom as well as learning important lessons in history, teamwork, and technology. The students from...

Focusing on Foreign Language Proficiency

Schools are focusing on foreign language proficiency so that students will gain practical knowledge of a foreign language as well as the technicalities of grammar and vocabulary. In Williamson County Tennessee, the district will offer foreign language classes earlier,...

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