Tutoring needs of every student are unique, varied and complex. You might be preparing your child for qualification exams or a challenging placement. If your child is talented, you may be in search of a tutor to help them realize their potential. Basically, all children gain a lot from tutoring. Be it an online tutor or private tutor, identifying the best tutors in the market place is essential. This entrusts you with options and personalized matchmaking.

A Convenient Guide to Personal Tutoring for Your ChildBefore personalizing a tutor for your child, you have to put some factors into consideration.

They are as follows:

1) Deciding whether your child needs personalized tutoring.

Every parent has a familiar concern with respect to their children’s studies. First and foremost analyze if your child exhibits a drop in assessment results, if the child’s teachers have expressed a concern or whether the child is struggling with homework exercise. On the other hand you might regard hiring a private tutor for your child in order to complement classroom teaching amongst educational budget cuts, boost confidence in their favorite subject or establish optimal assessment results in preparation for university applications.

Every student benefits from personalized tutoring whether they are overachieving or gifted students. Before hiring a tutor, it is necessary to discuss the matter with your child.

2) Determine the most appropriate method of tutoring

A parent may select the tutoring method based on their budget constraints or the child’s innate choices.

Hiring an online tutor is now main stream with the generation of the Internet. You can decide to go for online tutoring if you need tutoring assistance with an extraordinary subject, your tight schedule makes attending regular classes challenging, or you’re looking for a real expert in the subject.

Private tutoring is the most frequently used mode of tutoring since it is more fascinating for those with learning disabilities and young children. Private tutors are knowledgeable in their tutoring subjects and have years of tutoring experience. This method is very convenient as you get to select the location for tutoring.

Tutoring centers employ tutors with different types of experience. A few centers use graded devices and methods. They sometimes deliver diagnostic testing to aid them in developing a learning approach for your child. The sessions are normally held once or twice a week, usually in the evening or after school.

A Convenient Guide to Personal Tutoring for Your Child3) Identifying and choosing the right tutor.

You can get tutors from a referral from other parent, checking in the local magazine or newspaper or finding a personal tutor online. All these methods direct to a list of different tutors everywhere. Selecting the best tutor presupposes choice. Having a choice is an excellent thing, making the right match is the next thing. The most vital thing is to look for a personalized matching and a tutoring consultation.

A qualified tutor should first determine how your child learns best and from that the tutor can create lessons to meet your child’s distinct needs. Based on personality and learning model, the tutor knows exactly what the child’s needs are. The tutor may also desire to work with the classroom teacher to stress classroom learning.

You can decide to get personalized resources for you and your child by selecting platforms or devices. Such devices are easy to use and can challenge the child at his/her convenience. With such technology, your child does not need any prodding to work on the system every day. Most of them are affordable, convenient, and personalized to meet your child’s needs. A great example is eTutorWorld, a personalized online tutoring program that is based on the needs and skill levels of the child.

Many things have changed due to advancement in technology. Learning in a virtual environment through E-Learning is one of the methods involved. Having online tutor and E-Learning enable your child to learn in real time with a teacher over the Internet. There are plenty of applications available that allow the child and the tutor to interact face to face. A magnificent application is Skype and is mostly recommended for parents. It is free and is fully featured for one-to-one connections. You would stick to a school-based or private tutor for hands-on subjects like learning to play the guitar or knitting. Learning with an online tutor is successful if your child is disciplined. There are many tempting distractions on the internet that calls for parents to accompany their kids during online tutoring sessions.

Set specific goals at the beginning, keeping in mind your immediate and long term demands. During the entire process of tutoring continuous evaluation and open communication among parents, students and tutors are important. Reach your tutor frequently to know the progress of your child. Regularly check to make sure your child is progressing and effective teaching methods are used.

A Convenient Guide to Personal Tutoring for Your ChildMukul Agrawal is Co-Founder and CEO of eTutorWorld, an exciting new venture in global online education started in 2008, in collaboration with eminent technologists and education professionals from US and India.


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