It is not going to be completed for months, but Baton Rouge’s new Lee High School is recognized as “a school like no other”.

A School Like No OtherThe building that is going up looks less like a high school and more like a new glass office complex.

The plans for what will happen inside the four buildings are even more unusual.

The plan is for the school, which is part of a partnership with LSU, to be a complete 21st century school filled with technology. Special emphasis is being placed on student projects. The resulting design has flexible and adaptive spaces.

The four buildings include a commons building, with a gym and cafeteria, and three academies with distinct themes. The academies will be bioscience, digital and media arts and engineering and robotics. Each one will feature a large, 3 story atrium to accommodate large projects. Architects call this the “wow space”. 

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A School Like No Other