Helping people have access to clean water around the world was the focus of the WaterThon event held by second graders in Montclair, New Jersey.

Clean Water Around the World

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Students at the Bradford School have been learning for two years about the need for available clean water and the science surrounding it. Some of the knowledge they gained they put on display at the WaterThon.

Each of the participating students carried a gallon water jug around the track at Mountainside Park. This was done to “show respect for the many people in the world who do not have easy access to clean water”, said second-grade teacher Marcie Chanin.

The money raised by the students, who had residents sponsor them, was donated to The Project Solution.  This is an organization that funds projects to provide water and plumbing in distressed areas throughout the world.  100 percent of donations are used for the projects.

According to Chanin, the WaterThon raised $2,826.


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