Teachers in bilingual programs have discovered that finding Common Core resources in Spanish is challenging.

Finding Common Core Resources in Spanish is ChallengingAt Freedom Elementary School, students in the bilingual program just completed their first year of studying under the Common Core Standards. Second graders in Maria Luisa Rios’ second grade class are responding well to different types of instruction.

“What we want the students to be doing is thinking critically, to go back to the text to support their answers or be able to discuss their questions after,” Rios said.

It has been more of a challenge to find the right instruction resources and materials.

Rios’ students at Freedom Elementary receive instruction for half the day in Spanish, which reinforces their knowledge of English. Transitioning to the different type of instruction required by Common Core has not been difficult, but it has been labor-intensive as Spanish language curriculum materials that meet the standard are difficult to find, and many teachers spend extra preparation time translating English language material.

“We’re lucky if we can find it in Spanish,” Rios said. “If we can’t, we’re translating it or creating material in Spanish to be able to do what we’re doing in the classroom.”

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Finding Common Core Resources in Spanish is Challenging