A class of first grade math students may beat a national record as they try to find out how many math problems can one first grade solve in one year.

First Grade Math Students May Beat A National RecordAt Riverview Elementary School, the first graders in Matt Ogburn’s class are aiming to set a record for the total number of math problems solved in one year.  Together they have solved 148,000 problems posted by an online curriculum developer IXL. They hope to solve 150,000 problems total before the end of the academic year.

IXL attempts through games and alternative approaches to make math fun.  Students do work onoline, working with bar graphs, counting coins, telling time, story problems, and regular addition and subtraction.

IXL has promied Ogburn that they will verify how his class stacks up against others across the country. Results are recorded in an electronic database.

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First Grade Math Students May Beat A National Record