A guidebook written by students on youth-police relations has been published by their high school. The objective is to educate teens on civil rights and promote better understanding between them and the police.

Guidebook Written By Students on Youth-Police RelationsApproximately 60 students at Roosevelt High School collaborated on “Youth & the Law”, which includes topics such as gang outreach, civilian oversight of police, traffic stops and the rights of an accused child in the juvenile justice system.

Students spent several days interviewing representatives of the Portland Police Bureau, Mayor’s office, Independent Police Review Division, Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office and other agencies to write the book.

Some of the questions the students asked the adults were about gang outreach, police use of force, and alcohol and drugs. Each chapter was written by at least one student in a question and answer format.

“I hope this book helps other teens understand that not every police officer is against them,” said sophomore Alice Chan. “There’s a lot of images and videos out there of people getting beat up by police, but not every case is like that, and the police can help us if we let them.

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Guidebook Written By Students on Youth-Police Relations