Thanks to dedicated counselors and volunteers, this summer is full of happy times for kids with special needs at camp.

Happy Times for Kids With Special Needs at CampTamra Scherer, director of Camp Bennett, says that the smiles on campers faces keep her and her staff motivated and energized.

“They look forward to this, it’s fun,” Scherer said. “They start talking about it during the school year, their families look forward to it, all kids like to do things in the summer. A lot of these kids can only participate in something that is structured to fit their needs and have well-trained professionals to provide those services.”

Funded by the Muskogee Public Schools for the past ten years, Camp Bennett is an extended school year program for special needs students to continue learning social skills, science, recreation, arts, music, and crafts.

“The unique program caters to our campers,” Scherer said. “I don’t know that there are a lot of summer programs for special needs. I would encourage the parents throughout the year to see if their kids benefit from this. We meet a lot of needs for a lot of kids at different levels and ages.”

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Happy Times for Kids With Special Needs at Camp