Advanced Spanish high school students published children’s  books for Nicaraguan children, using their language skills and doing some good for others.

High School Students Publish Children's Books for Nicaraguan ChildrenAt Winona Senior High School, Spanish 4 students in Susan Larsen’s class had the opportunity to create, illustrate, write and publish children’s books entirely in Spanish, to donate to Nicaraguan students.

A partnership with the Gundersen Global Partners which sends medical volunteers to Nicaragua made the project possible. Nicaraguan students will be able to borrow the books and read them at a small school on a coffee plantation near Matagalpa

When a Spanish teacher from the Winona Middle School visited Nicaragua with the Gunderson group, the idea for the project for more advanced high school students was born.

The stories varied in topics and were very creative.  The books told a wide range of stories – a butterfly who was lost, a ballerina in rehearsal, a tiger who ate too many tortillas.

The books also told information about the student authors, and a glossary of some words in English.

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High School Students Publish Children's Books for Nicaraguan Children