Kids are excited by outdoor learning when they step into the Exploratorium at their middle school.

Kids Are Excited By Outdoor LearningOn the campus of Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma students can enjoy and learn from a greenhouse, butterfly garden, pond, stream, hummingbird garden, fruit trees, bird feeders, and chicken coop. Real life science experiences are available to seventh graders all the time. Activities range from gardening and feeding the chickens, to studying the life cycle of butterflies and plants, and analyzing pond water.

Veteran science teachers Jeannine Macrory and Sharron Wolf teach the class, which is only for seventh graders.  The outdoor learning lab has been in existence since 2012.

“The sixth- and eighth-grade students have a different curriculum,” Wolf said.

Seventh graders who have been promoted to eighth grade do not want to leave the outdoor space behind. “We’ll be back here next year,” Morgan Harvick said. “It’s such a fun place.”

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Kids Are Excited By Outdoor Learning