There are lessons for grade school students in the garden, both in school subjects and practical get your hands dirty experience.

Lessons for Grade School Students In the GardenThe students that teacher Jon Wudzki calls the Golden Beakers have been placing signs around the gardens, picking weeds, and lining each garden with seashells. They tend strawberries, mint, peppers and tomatoes in the heart of Lakewood New Jersey’s downtown.

Wudzki is able to tie together lessons in Math, English, and science in the gardens. Students selected the school garden plants by completing surveys and graphing the results. They also studied soil composition, the ecology of plants, and ground drainage engineering.

“There’s something about being outside that takes it (the lesson) to that next level of engagement,” Wudzki said.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, approximately 31 percent of school districts across the nation have edible gardens.  The lessons learned are not only in math and science, but also in nutrition and health.

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Lessons for Grade School Students In the Garden