Through a solar power project, students will be lighting up Haiti with their efforts to put together solar lights for 700 housing units for the  impoverished nation.

Lighting up HaitiThe students from the Lake Air Montessori Magnet school in Waco assembled solar powered lights for the  Dwyer Group, which partnered with New Vision Renewable Energy and Mission Waco Mission World to provide 1000 solar lights for a Haitian community.

“It’s like a different world between us and them,”    said fourth grader John Zay. “It’s not fair we have stuff they don’t have.  If they want to get dressed in the morning, they don’t have to fall over stuff.”

The lights would give Haitian children a source of extended light so they could study longer, said fourth grade student Sophie Henderson. She also had concern for families who burn candles and kerosene lamps, which dirty the air with extended use.

“It’s hard for them to breathe,” she said. “It’s like breathing two packs of cigarettes.”

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Lighting up Haiti