Making Awesome Things Happen is the name and focus of a non profit group that is helping minority students learn the practical applications of math through fun activities with blocks and Play-Doh.

Making Awesome Things HappenThe Austin group has expanded their activities this summer by sponsoring a math camp at G.W. Carver Middle School. MATH has hosted a math camp at Austin Community college for first through eighth graders for the past five years. This year, executive director Tarcia Hubert wanted to support the students at her alma mater.

According to Hubert, the camp is designed to expose students from the lower socio-economic groups to experiences and careers where math has practical applications.

The camp is free, and classes take place Monday through Thursday for two weeks in the summer.  Students build three dimensional objects, bake cookies to learn about fractions, and interact with black or Hispanic professionals who come and speak about their careers.

“We try to get role models in here that look like them,” said Hubert.

The camp tests incoming students and personalizes the curriculum based on each student’s skill level.  Advanced students lead groups of struggling classmates.  There is a 12 student per teacher ratio.

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Making Awesome Things Happen