Researchers have discovered someting interesting about the future of females in science: self perception of ability causes girls to not follow STEM fields.

Self Perception of Ability Causes Girls to Not Follow STEM FieldsThe rate of women enrolled in cience, technology, engineering and math subjects is still pretty low when compared to men.  Researchers wondered what in math and science is keeping women away.  They know it has nothing to do with capability, as women have proved capable time and again.

Researchers from Florida State University set out to study the effect of self perception on career choice.

Their study was published in the journal of Frontiers in Psychology.  They assert that there is a pervasive misconception starting when American girls enter high school.  The girls believe that “difficult” math is something that can or cannot be done, and that there is no way to learn.

It is the hope of the researchers that having isolated this way of thinking, they can change it by offering more positive reinforcement for girls. They hope to encourage them to try taking PEMC courses (Physics, Engineering, Math, and computer science.

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Self Perception of Ability Causes Girls to Not Follow STEM Fields