As summer STEM camp is geared up for girls, Jessa Braak thinks the idea of science being only for boys was pretty funny.

STEM Camp is Geared Up For Girls“I think it’s for everyone. I think everyone should be involved in science because everything’s made of science,” said the seventh grader from  St. John Neumann Academy.

42 adolescent girls attended the first all girl STEM day camp at New River Community College.  They spent each day at workshops and teaching basic computer repair.  They learned how to create their own computer games.  Jessa’s favorite was designing and creating a key chain with the 3-D printer.

“You can do so much with 3-D printing that people haven’t even thought of,” Jessa said.

The camp was offered free to the middle school and high school girls thanks to a $21,600 Carl D. Perkins Grant.  This grant is awarded to address the gender gap in technical education fields.

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STEM Camp is Geared Up For Girls