When the bell rang at the end of the school day, students camping in their own backyard at school did not go home.  They stayed, barbecued, and made lots of noise and slept outside on the ground.

Students Camping In Their Own BackyardWhile the children have been on school grounds, they haven’t been at school.  They have been at Camp Eastwood instead.  The school’s 40 acre backyard includes a creek and pond, and a nature trail.

Eastwood School has a three day camp which teaches students about the outdoors and celebrates the fifth graders last weeks at elementary school.

“Kids need to have experiences that are outdoors, that are different, that make them full human beings,” said fifth grade teacher Cindy Long.

.“I like camp because camp is just — you’re getting out there, seeing the nature, being away from home,” fifth grader Will Averett said. “It’s something new and you don’t have to worry about … if you have to go home and do the dishwasher or do any chores, you can just hang out and have fun with all your friends.”


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Students Camping In Their Own Backyard