There’s no shortage of ideas when students design new uses for an old police station.

Students Design New Uses for An Old Police StationAt Watkins Middle School in Newark Ohio, seventh graders busily created plans for the old Town Hall. The building currently houses the Pataskala Police Department.

Some of the plans include a movie theater, and turning the old building into a cafe.

Another idea the students presented to the Pataskala City Council was to turn the space into a mini bowling alley and a movie theater/restaurant.

Seventh grade students were tasked with creating building plans as part of a real world math lesson. They had no specific building in mind until math teacher Alisha Sleeper contacted Pataskala Mayor Mike Compton.

“She contacted me and said, ‘Hey, Mr. Mayor, the kids are taking on a project. Would you have a building in town that needs revamped?’ and I thought, ‘Perfect timing,’” Compton said.

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Students Design New Uses for An Old Police Station